Monday, July 26, 2010

Ad clicks pay money, irony is free

Saw this Google ad pop up on a YouTube trailer - and thanked Whatevah for the glory and the beauty of the cosmos.


The film is some sort of a phoned-in paycheck for Nicholas Cage - an unfortunately common occurrence of late.

Friday, July 23, 2010


The way a hun deals with unhappiness, by making others unhappy until he is happy again.

Then he is hunbothered by his hunderlings hunappreciation of his hunderlying hunches, due to his hunditry for hundesirable hunconscious hungers.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Road Toddler

Like everyone else on the Internet, I've listened to Mel Gibson's recorded rants. Backwards and forwards. While I feel increasingly grateful for my little life.

His ex-girl Oksana's clearly egging him on with her calmness, and also saying things specifically for the record. That said, he is so obviously unhinged it's hard to fault her for doing that and more besides.

The thing that struck me the most, was that Gibson's wasn't really yelling at her. She seems more like a *direction* he was yelling. What he really seemed to be yelling at what was a hole inside himself. A big, empty chasm that's been with him for most of his life, that he is now in despair of ever getting rid of. A broken part of himself, almost certainly helped along by his crazy freak of a father, that he has tried to soothe with art, fame, success, wealth, more success, a wife and a family for 27 years, and when that didn't work, a hot new piece of ass.

And when that last desperate step still didn't fix the hole inside him, he reached a truly epic despair.

When Mel Gibson yells at that ex-girlfriend of his, he is really yelling at the abyss. And it's ignoring his pleas as it's tearing into him, because the abyss is him - and what he is trying to ignore.