Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's hard being smart or crazy.

Put me in either category.

But even as I had the idea for this blog this morning, ideas were whirling, still ARE whirling through my head. As I work at my day job right now, taking my short-attention-span break before going back to that.

The frickin' CAPTCHA for creating this blog even had me ideavating. (A new word I just coined in this very sentence.) Just alt-tabbed as a coworker walked behind me, to bring a work-related window to my screen...such is the surreality of the ideADDict.

Here's the CAPTCHA. What's it make you see?

I see "firecough" instantly. Which sounds like an interesting thing for someone else, a bad thing for me. Also what pops up is "freecough" - the "cough of freedom" if you will. Perhaps the cough Glenn Beck would make if one of those Socialist Healthcare workers tried to check him for the heavy hernia he should have, for the tons of crap he's slinging.

And so it goes.

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