Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was just reading about apparently great screenwriter Paul Haggis (who I should have known of previously, because he's won two Oscars, but I didn't, so sue me, if you can get money out of my stone-broke wallet anyway), and his thorough and expectably well-written defection from Scientology.

Discussion was also made of cults in general, and how the current understanding of Cults is a bit different than in previous eras. Before the 1950's, it meant a new small religion; since around that time, it basically means a group of nutty brainwashed sycophants.

Or psychophants, if you will.

That led me somehow to think it would be great to have a group that was some sort of a cult, or a take on cults, that had the name C.U.L.T.

What could that stand for?

And so a couple of quick minutes were enjoyably wasted, just creating crazy groups that never needed to have existed before:

Cabal of Ultimately Lazy Technologists?

Corporate Uber Love Thangs

Candidly Underachieving Lesbian Theologists

Cut Up Love Thongs

Castigating Ubermensch (who are) Lambasting Thoreau

Can't Understand Labial Toolworking

Any others?


  1. Commonly Underunderthtood Lithping Tax(th)men

  2. Communism Undermining Lilliputian Thespiantics

  3. Cadre of Uighur Legal-limbo Tour-errorists know, the Chinese Muslims who were stuck in Guantanamo, were found innocent, were not re-accepted by China and were finally released to the Bahamas?


  4. Probably the last one...

    Cabal of Unstable Lactating Testosterowners

  5. Cataclysm of Unloverably Loserrific Theosophisticates

    I literally literarily cannot stop myself! And literarily may not even be a word yet!

  6. Dicki Fliszar responds via email:

    "Cold Underwear Lust Teletubbies

    you crazy"

    I wonder what someone was watching in their underwear this morning?

  7. Castrated Urologists of Lower Tallahassee