Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What we all have at our fingertips, every day, by sheer miracle of being alive.

What, in its most active form, looks nearly crazy on others. It is kind of crazy. It's a mania. We rarely feel comfortable displaying it except in concerts or perhaps religious events.

What, when people experience it in a calm form - perhaps without the fear that can give us a hard manic shell - looks even saintly but without the pomposity. Serenity in an active sense.

Simply, joy. It's weird how it's weird to have it. We can as kids. As we get older, it can seem stranger to have it. Even perhaps socially disapproved. This is sometimes considered to be because "life is harder" as we get older. Certainly we feel less protected, especially in my American society where we have much less community and a sense of common caring and purpose. But awful things happen to children too; yet there is still room for delightenment in their lives. A kind of childhood satori. There's no logical or even biological reason why we can't be just as happy at least, as we get older.

I think it's the accumulated weight of stories we get invested in, and habits we become comfortable with even when they suck for us. Get rid of them now, and create a space for delightenment to alight and light us.

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