Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wonderings about the future, part infinity plus one (me)

Standing here just over the threshold of a new decade into this new millennium, what does the future hold?

Will the freedom of the 20th century - which really was only achieved in the 1990's, if one considers the relative effects of Jim Crow and de facto exclusion of women from the economic prosperity of the workforce in enabling economic freedom - be subsumed under a 1984-and-beyond future?

I hope and expect not.

Things are a little scary though.

Or are they only scary because I'm getting older, and I'm away from the battlefield? It does seem like more and more that propaganda is used to control people by distracting them from thinking. A kinder, gentler 1984. A kinder, gentler subjugation of the human race by the elites, who themselves are also subjugated by the outlook of the same system - they must believe their control of the world is for the world's own good, or they wouldn't be able to participate. They must make themselves believe it...

And so the whole world continues under this spell of our civilization - leaders and workers. A strange thing. Built upon the firmware of primate psychology, to be sure - pack leaders and followers - but all in a non-human pack share in the work.

The silver lining: new spells can be created from anywhere. And leaders aren't necessarily smarter than workers - smart people and more importantly effective people can and do come from anywhere. It's not a genetic thing, and it's not even an education thing since the information is there now for anyone to educate themselves, if they have exceptional will - it's a software thing. It's how people choose and shape their worldview and their plan according to their own choices and their own free will.

And there is a kernel of free will in everyone, and always will be in every functioning human - any system depends on it, even as it clouds and distracts us from this ultimate internal reality of free choice with bread and circuses, or the current equivalent of hamburgers, war games and bimbos.

So my money is on the seeming randomness resulting from the spark of life, free will, and simple orneriness existing in everyone, to continue to be just one step out of the grasp of mankind's wish for total control.

My bet: as long as there are systems, there will be hackers. And information will always want to be free. With that desire for information, comes our freedom as well.

Now to get a job.

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